2017 Post-Thanksgiving Community Open House

Halloween 2017: Rapunzel Ensemble

2016 Knights Birthday Party

Photos courtesy of julieannwoodford.photoshelter.com

In the fall of 2016, the castle-styled fort played host to the Hill's first "Capture the Castle" game, to celebrate a four year-old's birthday.  The players, neighborhood kids, had a great time charging the fortress, with archers firing foam tipped arrows to weaken defenses, while defenders beat attackers back by firing (foam) cannonballs.  Ellen made the crusaders outfits.  The knights took this year off, but we hope they can return for Round II of the game in 2018 (if DDOT hasn't forced the destruction of the tree house beforehand).  Sorry, we don't do private parties for groups. 

Halloween 2016: Knights of the Hill