Small Fry Playing Dress-up in the Alley

The tree house has been the scene of a series of fun dress-up events in the last few years.  We hope that you enjoy these pictures of costumed alley gatherings. 

We've been asked if we stage private kids parties. Sorry, no, but you can attend a 4th of July open house to visit the tree house, or make an appointment for birding sessions for small groups of local kids, ages 4-10.  See Birding Activities for details.  

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2018: ABBA Costumes for Halloween

Some of the E and G Street neighbors warmly welcomed our trick-or-treating MamaMia ensemble, with portable kaoroke.  They joined us in singing a few ABBA tunes.  The girls were showered with candy for performing.  Thanks, neighbors! 

2018: Capture-the-Castle-Game, Round II, June

2017: Post-Thanksgiving Community Open House

2017: Rapunzel Ensemble at Halloween

2016: Capture-the-Castle Game Round I, May



2016: Knights of the Hill at Halloween with Cousins