Small Fry Making Memories Playing Dress-up in an Alley

Damn the torpedoes - sheltered Archibald Walk near Eastern Market was a fine spot for Hill children to gather to play in the 1880s and remains so today.  The back of the Archibald Walk "U"has been the scene of joyful dress-up moments in recent years.  

We've been asked if we stage private kids parties. We don't, but you can attend a 4th of July open house with your family to explore the tree house for as long as the structure lasts.  You can also make an appointment for a spring  birding session for a small group of Ward 6 kids, ages 4-10.  See Birding Activities for details.  

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2018: ABBA Costumes for Halloween

Some of the E and G Street neighbors warmly welcomed our trick-or-treating MamaMia ensemble, with portable kaoroke.  They joined us in singing a few ABBA tunes.  The girls were amply rewarded with candy.  Thanks a lot, neighbors.

2018: Capture-the-Castle-Game, Round II, June

Defenders armed with "canon balls" faced off against attackers, armed with "flaming arrows."  In round II, the attackers/archers got the upperhand - two years earlier, they were wildly inaccurate shots.

2017: Post-Thanksgiving Community Open House

2017: Rapunzel Ensemble at Halloween

2016: Capture-the-Castle Game Round I, May



2016: Knights of the Hill at Halloween with Cousins